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Our Decorator / Custom Bulletin Boards are created with you and built in our shoppe on Long Island

Often referred to as Custom Bulletin Board, Designer Bulletin Board, or Decorator Bulletin Board, these beauties are a far cry from the plain vanilla cork boards you first experienced in grade school when you proudly tacked up your first “masterpiece”.

With a renewed emphasis on various design elements in the home, consumers now seek a bulletin board that complements or enhances home design and décor, and still allows for tacking up new masterpieces, reminders, shopping lists, schedules, photos, receipts, and that all-important to-do list.

Today, there is no need to settle for “plain vanilla” bulletin boards offered in limited sizes and even more limited designs often found at office supply stores and large discount stores. Now you can have Images & Details create a bulletin board custom designed to your specifications.

Get the exact size you want, and most importantly, design a bulletin board that complements or enhances the design & décor of your home.

Maybe it’s a bulletin board with a shiny white lacquered finish to complement white cabinetry in your kitchen—or maybe it’s a custom bulletin board for a child’s room with a colorful frame. We’ve even designed a large bulletin board for a corporate office where that plain vanilla version simply would not do.

Decorator’s like to “dress-up” a bulletin board with fabric and/or ribbon to create something special to complement the color and design of the area in which it is placed. With our extensive collection of frames and fabrics, chances are you’ll find something to complement a paint color, furniture finish, or even a dominant color in your wallpaper.

We’d suggest you measure the space in which you plan to hang your custom designed bulletin board (right down to the 1/8” if necessary), bring in any fabric or wallpaper that you’d like to complement, and we’d be happy to assist you in designing something that looks great and functions well. Customers have also taken a few photos on their smartphones to give us a better idea of the space & décor of the area for the custom designed bulletin board.

montage of custom bulletin boards


Your Custom Bulletin Board will be the Perfect Addition to Organizing Your Home or Office

  • Frame Style
  • Fabric Background
  • Ribbon Color
  • Frame Color
  • Fabric Color
  • Add a Mat
  • Your Exact Size Specs

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