Framed Artwork

You’ll find framed artwork that is unique and ready to hang

We have what we consider to be an extensive collection of antique and contemporary prints as well as original artwork. We’ve selected different subjects from our inventory, framed them in a variety of ways, so you can view them all on our gallery walls. Our gallery display also provides ample opportunity to get some new ideas for your artwork, and see examples of our quality framing first-hand. Here is a minute sampling of the unlimited pieces of framed artwork we carry for all tastes and styles.

Framing your artwork not only enhances the visual appeal of your art, it also protects it from the air and moisture. Damaged artwork loses it value immediately and lacks luster. You want to make sure your framed artwork is handled professionally with attention given to safekeeping your investment.

When you create your own framed artwork you can match it exactly to the style and taste of the space it will occupy. Not only the color will be customized, but the texture or mix of textures will also be unique to your framed artwork. We are not a rush organization. Custom framing takes time.

Our pieces are not prefabricated and rushing your order will only result in less than perfect framed artwork. We measure, we are meticulous about keeping everything clean, with clean cut edges that match magnificently. We take pride the mitered corners from our framed artwork. Our reputation is built on those corners and the expertise in matching fine materials to show off unique artwork.

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.