About Our Quality Custom Frame Shoppe

custom-frame3Judi Budner started this family owned & operated quality custom framing business in Locust Valley in 1991. All the work is completed on premises. All of our custom framing is Conservation Quality using materials that have been proven to protect art in as close to its original condition as possible.

We are best known for our attention to detail in working with our customers to develop quality custom frame that complements and/or enhances the artwork (i.e. fabric mats, French mats,
8-ply mats, fillets, hand-painted gold bevels, etc). Additionally, we specialize in “project work” which typically uses shadow boxes or Lucite boxes to frame such items as sports jerseys, memorabilia, artifacts, flags, etc.

Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and will introduce you to an extensive assortment of framing materials—some of which our customers discover for the first time (You’ll see some examples on this website).  In our view, these elements make the difference between something ordinary and something special—and this is why our customers return to us year after year. “For your images, we’re all about the details!”

Our Gallery is filled with framed art (all for sale), but we also have an extensive collection of both Antique & Contemporary prints covering a broad range of subjects. (Stop by to take a look as we always have new things & we welcome browsers) Beyond providing custom framing services for individuals on the North Shore of Long Island, we have loyal customers throughout Nassau & Suffolk County as well as New York City and beyond. We work with many interior designers and have completed projects for Corporate Offices, Country Clubs, and Law Offices. We can readily arrange for installation when necessary. At the same time, we are happy to frame a child’s first finger-painting “masterpiece”.

Testimonials About Our Shoppe in Locust Valley

Reviews of our custom framing shoppe from some of our repeat customers. We’ve asked them to tell us why they keep coming back, and they shared their honest reviews.

Worth the Trip

I travel about 15 miles one-way to what I consider the best framer around. Sure there are other closer-by alternatives, but I’m more interested in quality & expert guidance than convenience. After all, the pieces that I frame are going to be on my wall for a long time. I&D is simply the best… period.

Jaqui M.

Good Ideas

I&D never ceases to amaze me with their framing ideas. They’re happy to follow my instructions and preferences of course, but if you ask them “what would you suggest” they always have creative ideas I never would have thought of. I’ve gotten many compliments from friends who’ve come to my home. Thanks I&D!

Donna Martin Pasquelini

I’m an Artist

As prolific artist, I want to be sure that all the framing I do enhances my work, and I’ve never been disappointed with the advice & framing I get at I&D. Over the years I’ve framed dozens of pieces with them including watercolors, pastels, and oils. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Once you try them once you won’t go anywhere else. I’ve been using them for years, as do most of my friends, and everything they do is just perfect. You will not be disappointed.

Cheryl G, Woodbury

I’m a Collector

I’m a collector of rare maps, autographs, manuscripts and the like. Some of these are extremely delicate and valuable and I can always trust the folks at Images & Details to treat these pieces with the utmost care. They are also framed with materials to help preserve the inherent value of these rare pieces.

Stan DuBois

I’m Fussy

When it comes to picture framing, I guess you would say that I’m fussy. The fact is that the small details really make a difference in the final outcome, and they understand this to a “T”. In fact, it’s actually part of their name! (Images & Details).

Mrs. Jessica Stein

I Have Many Choices

We live in New York City, and have a weekend house in Locust Valley. I’ve got lots of picture framing choices in the City, but regularly bring all of my things for framing to Images & Details. The quality of their work is excellent & they’ll spend the time with me to make the right choices. We are totally satisfied with all they have done for us.

Gerry D.


As a decorator everything I do for my clients is a reflection on me. They have tons of prints to choose from, and everything they do comes out looking great. Time after time they make me look good!


Corporate Offices

We chose Images & Details to provide artwork for our new Law Offices. We had lots to choose from in their nice shop and they really understood the “look” we were seeking. We have some big pieces in our conference room, and in each of the partner’s offices. We were very pleased with everything they did for us including installation.

Heidi Quartz


Lots of antique and contemporary prints to choose from…and I’m happy to say I’ve chosen many. I’d say 9 out of 10 times they have exactly what I’m looking for.

Dee Dee

Framed Artwork

If you want to see examples of their work and get some ideas, just look around their shop. They have dozens of framed pieces for sale, and every time I’m in there, I see something new.

Lewis Shore